whole grain barley berries

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Ingredients: 100% Wholegrain Barley Berries

Hulless barley is a variety of barley that has been adapted to grow in Canada. It is free of genetically modified organisms and commercial additives, and is more nutritious than traditional barley. It adds a delicious nutty flavour to your baking.

Barley comes in several forms, but choosing Against the Grain beta-glucan barley berries ensures that you are eating a whole grain with the most nutrients. Barley berries are the hulled seeds of the barley plant. Like other grains which retain bran, endosperm, and germ, barley berries are considered a whole grain - nutritious and especially high in fiber. Barley Berries have a chewy texture. They can be used in place of rice, or in soups, granola bars, pilaf, stuffing or to replace oatmeal as a breakfast meal. Chilled barley berries can make a great base for tossed salads.