Bruise Cream 28 g

Bruise Cream 28 g

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We know how frustrating a bruise can be. However mild or severe and whatever the cause, Zax’s Original Bruise Cream goes to work right away to gently but effectively speed healing, and reduce the pain, inflammation and discolouration that bruises cause. This natural, multi-active treatment is specifically formulated to safely and effectively heal and soothe all kinds of bruises.

Zax’s has taken Arnica & Witch Hazel, combined them in the perfect amounts, and blended in just a hint of age- old menthol to create the most unique bruise healing remedy on the market. This cream was created after several years of testing to find the perfect proportions of these natural ingredients.

Arnica – contains sesquiterpene lactones, which may assist in healing of bruises by decreasing swelling, speeding blood reabsorption and decreasing pain. Arnica is recommended for external use only. Discontinue using arnica if a skin rash develops.
Witch Hazel – contains tannins that give it astringent properties. It eases bruising by tightening stretched veins and restoring blood vessel tone. Witch hazel is recommended for external use.
Menthol – Often derived from peppermint oil, menthol local anaesthetic and counterirritant qualities. It can provide soothing cooling relief to bruised areas.
This patent-pending bruise cream blends proven natural ingredients that work with the body’s own healing system. Zax’s Original Bruise Cream soothes and nourishes injured skin as it treats with a convenient design that fits easily into your lifestyle – at work, home and on the go.

We speed the healing of your bruises, so you can look and feel your best.