Bitter Apricot Kernals 227 g

Bitter Apricot Kernals 227 g

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ertified Organic Extremely Bitter Apricot Kernels is great for someone looking for health benefits in preventative care, or just trying out the taste of the extremely bitter kernels! There are approximately 375 kernels per half pound.

Our Extremely Bitter kernels are 100% bitter, raw and fresh. They are consistently bitter throughout, no sweet kernels in this brand. The actual taste can vary from person to person as everyone has different taste buds. Exclusive to Our Father's Farm, these little miracle workers are raw, fresh, sproutable, non-irradiated, non GMO and full of nitrilosides.

Look no further, we are your source for the highest quality fresh, raw bitter organic apricot kernels.

Apricot Kernels are used for cosmetic purposes, as a spice, for flavoring, for daily consumption by both humans and animals.