Coconut Syrup 375 ml

Coconut Syrup 375 ml

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Rockwell’s Organic Coconut Syrup is unlike any other coconut syrup you have ever tasted. Our coconut syrup has a light natural flavour that makes it a versatile sweetener. Rockwell’s Organic Maple Flavoured Coconut Syrup has all the benefits of our natural coconut syrup, but has a mild maple flavour. Coconut syrup naturally has a low glycemic index which makes it a great alternative for people trying to control blood sugar. Tastes great on pancakes, waffles and as a sweetener in coffee, tea, baking and other deserts.

• Organic

• Non GMO

• Free of Gluten

• Kosher

Natural Flavoured Ingredients:
Organic coconut palm syrup

Maple Flavoured Ingredients:
Organic coconut palm syrup, all natural maple flavour