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♥ February Specials ♥

Salt Lamps February 2nd to 14th 10% OFF

What a fabulous gift for you or someone you care about: purchase one of these amazing salt lamps, so many different options, from a white one to a lamp that changes colours and diffuses essential oils.

Darpan says "I recommend, carry and use Himalayan salt lamps in my home & office space."

Benefits of Salt Lamps

Salt lamps cleanse, deodorize the air
They can help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms
Ease coughing
Give you boost in energy
Can help with sleep
Improve mood and concentration
Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

Most of these benefits are the result of the lamps ability to generate negative ions Manotick Natural Market is fully stocked with lamps and USB plug in, that change colours.

Awards 2021

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We have been awarded the Top Choice Award for the best Health Food and Supplement Store and Wellness Center.

Humbled and blessed. Thankyou to all who voted for us. Truly grateful 

We are essential service, we are still offering online services, curb side pick up, phone appointments, and delivery covid friendly right to your door.

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