DarpanTNDoC • Total Nutrition Diva on-Call™

 Darpan-Ahluwalia-total-nutrition-diva-on-call-info box Total Nutrition Diva On Call™


DarpanTNDoC is your Total Nutrition • Body • Blood Hacker

Cert Reg Holistic Nutritionist - RHN 

Weight Loss Counsellor

Cert. Live Blood Analyst - CBA 



Creator My Golden Root™ Fermented Turmeric (CA-GMP cert lab)

The next step in optimizing your health and wellness for you and your family.



Accessible, supportive guidance in nutritious eating practices.

Much like having a private personal trainer, chef or physician, there is a need for expert guidance to hold you accountable to your and healthy eating goals.

Accountability is easier with weekly check ins when you have your very own Total Nutrition • Body • Blood Hacker  


A snippet of an interview with DarpanTNDoC: 

How did you get started? 

I worked at a Natural Emporium- it was my grandfather's store in Ottawa. When I came to Canada as a foreign student, I began working with him while completing high school. I thought I wanted to become a pharmacologist, but during a co-op program at a pharmacy I soon realized that it was not the path I wanted to pursue. In a way my experience there did help to confirm for me that I loved helping people, and I wanted to be in the health industry. 

I decided to change gears and go into what was inherent for me. With full enthusiasm, I enrolled in a Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Nutrition, IHN, and went on to pursue various continuing education courses, ranging from botany and aromatherapy, Live Blood Analysis and plant therapies.

I was 19 when I started my first business and went on to buy my first health store at age 21!

What's your favourite part of what you do?

I love the analysis that accompanies Live blood. Blood never lies. It gives me deep insights into what's going on inside the body. I combine that with qualitative information I gather from my clients, and then I'm able to best guide them back onto the path of wellness. 

I love that moment when an 'aha' happens, and I feel as though I've made a lasting impact. 

What's one best piece of advice for everyone? 

Listen to your body!

We're so busy, always on the go, working, that we forget about ourselves. Especially women. Women take on everything with enthusiasm, but often forget to take time to assess what is and isn’t working for us personally. 

I ask my clients, ‘how do you feel when you're eating?’

Most often they say they don't know.

We must change that, because Awareness is essential on the path to health. All of the minor changes that happen affect the major organs. We must pay more attention and attune ourselves to our internal health. 

Your body has ways of making you listen if you don't listen.

What do you feel the world needs today? 

Understanding. I feel the world needs to heal.

We can achieve this through mindfulness, compassion and forgiveness. 

Disease is dis-ease manifested in the body, from the cumulative effects of letting yourself stay consumed with heavy negative emotions and trauma that ultimately result in one detaching from their connection between mind, body and spirit. 

Remember, healers are not just here to heal you, but to help you understand and teach you, and empower you to heal yourself!